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Some useful tips to monetize a blog:

1.) The most common mistake is making a blog about everything you are interested in. Some people are submitting a huge variety of things at the same time.

They post a serious article with the analysis of a particular field, then – a cute video about kittens, and after that – a description of their trip to another country. Such kind of a blog may serve as your diary.

Unfortunately, you will never be able to monetize it and attract the visitors (perhaps only if you are a huge celebrity). To gain success, you should choose a certain topic in the circle of your interests.

2.) Choosing a very wide theme won’t be good for you; you can’t be a specialist in everything. People are searching for specific information to satisfy their requirements or solve their problems.

If you had to buy a new computer, where would you go: to the household appliance shop or a specialized computer store? Obviously, most of the people will choose the second option.

They would prefer the ability to get a certain configuration, software, and equipment. They would choose to be consulted by specialists, who know their business in-and-out.

The situation with this is practically the same; a person is looking for specific information that can satisfy his or her needs.

3.) An opposite mistake is also rather common: choosing a niche that is too much narrow won’t make you successful. If too few people are interested in finding information on this topic, you simply won’t have enough visitors on your blog. You should try to find a golden mean.

4.) If your theme is too abstract, it will be hard to monetize it. A non-practical information is hard to sell just because it will be hard to write the advertising text for it.

You will face problems with a traditional copywriting. Copywriting sells the specifics, some specific actions. For example, how to cure something, how to cook, how to make money on the internet. It is easy to sell because it is easy to describe. You can present a practical result to a person.

5.) Choosing an “expansive” niche, you are not interested and unskilled in it’s doomed to failure. You won’t be able to create even more or less valuable resource for the visitors.

What is more, you just will not want to work. Torturing yourself with a job that you don’t like is the worst self-punishment. Don’t try to chase after money – it won’t bring you success and just will make you unhappy with your work.

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