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Types of Blogs that Make Money:

The people are making money by starting their own blog and writing something, publishing and making money from their work.

Generally, you can start a blog following two basic principles:

Follow your passion


Find a niche that you love the most and having the great interest.

It’s a myth that many bloggers teach us you can make money in almost any types of blogs to make money.

But only the successful bloggers are those who truly follow their passion for what they are doing? Or follow the niche they can put their efforts.

Some niches are a lot easier to create a big audience base and make money with the blog, but some needs to put lots of efforts.

1.) How to Make Money (Niche Idea no. 1):

Obviously, this is the most successful types of blogs that make money on the Internet.

Many newbie bloggers often find themselves to start a blog to make money by creating a blog on making money.

Most of the blogs on the Internet will teach you different unique ways to generate revenue from the Internet.

And these blogs are operated by the people who were already making money for themselves.

What they write about: Literally they write about making money online, various growth-hack techniques, etc.

Important things to remember: Do not directly jump into this niche as the audience are brilliant enough to find the blogs that have real value teaching how to make money?

Unless if you have the strong belief on what are you talking about on your blog, you won’t be making such type of good income you thought.

Do not directly just start the blog and write something blah blah blah, publish every day without knowing anything.

This won’t do anything good for you and you will end up getting empty-handed.

How to get started?: First, learn some system that makes money for you.

Stick with the system, make some money, then start a blog sharing your experience.

This way of approach gives you a bit more authority.

Example of Make Money Niche Blogs

Pat Flynn – https://www.smartpassiveincome.com/
Matthew Woodward – https://www.matthewwoodward.co.uk/
Ryan Biddulph – https://www.bloggingfromparadise.com/
Darren Rowse – https://problogger.com/AdsGet paid for sharing opinionsOnline form filling jobsOnline survey jobsOnline Jobs from home

2.) Personal Finance Blog (Niche Idea no. 2):

This niche is highly correlated with how to make money niche but slightly defers with the way you approach.

Finance niche is always an evergreen topic that has high in demand.

Money management otherwise called as Financial Planning is what the most people were looking for.

Lots of sites are out there talking about how to get out of debts, how to save more money, how to earn more money etc.

Some authority finance blogs teach you how to save money through frugal living while others show you the way to generate revenue through investments and side jobs.

Hence, this niche is profitable and also many companies, products and services are available to help you with your blogging business.

Example of Finance Niche Blogs

Some of the best examples in this category were:

Money-Making Mom – Personal finance site

Wise Bread – Blog on personal finance

Money Control – Top Finance Blog in India

3.) Health and Fitness Blogs (Niche Idea no. 3):

This niche often difficult to start and most people behind these niches are true passion lovers who show interest to learn about health and fitness.

It is a kind of tricky niche types of blogs that make money if you know what you are doing?

You can easily make money by monetizing your blog with Affiliate Marketing. Fitness is the billion dollar industry.

When anyone searches for any health-related issues, complaints, knowledge, and if you provide the right solution by placing your affiliate link will do the wonders.

The best example would be creating a niche blog on writing about weight loss products, supplements and more.

Writing articles on this niche need some real-time experience and sound knowledge of the subject.

As there are a large based of consumers interested to try these products will gonna surely makes this niche a highly profitable income source.

Even, I have started a new site on the health and wellness niche and focusing on the Parenting Sub-Niche.

In this blog, I share very useful parenting tips for the housewives and home moms.

The name of the blog was, Parental Baby Care, you will get lots of health tips there.

Example of Health/Fitness Niche Blogs

Some of the successful health blogs on the Internet are:

Natalie Jill Fitness Blog – Weight-loss, healthy lifestyle blog.

Born Fitness – Blog aims to relieve stress

Suzanne Bowen Fitness – Fitness training specialist

4.) Food Blogs (Niche Idea no. 4):

There are many successful female blogging entrepreneurs who were blogging in the Food Industry.

It’s not a big deal to begin blogging on this niche, a simple example would be to start a recipe site will do the magic.

This kind of blogging business is most suitable for educated housewives, home moms who were passionate about Cooking.

There are many ways you can make money from these kinds of blogging sites.

Option 1: You can monetize with contextual display advertising such as Google Adsense.

Option 2: You can even sell ad spaces on your own if you have huge traffic daily.

Option 3: You can use this as small business ideas to get orders in your area.

Options 4: Integrating affiliate marketing method is the least priority because people won’t really look for the products but recipes and new dish ideas.

Hence, what I am saying is start a food blog and write about food recipes, build a strong audience base to generate revenue using any of the above ideas.

Example of Food Niche Blogs

Some of the best blogs to follow in this category were as follows:

Cooking Classy – a blog by Jaclyn Bell (Cooking recipe ideas)

Veg Recipes of India – Most popular food blog in India

5.) Beauty and Fashion Blog (Niche Idea no. 5):

All the boys and girls, men and women, were showing interest to portray themselves to look better to the world.

They even choose what to wear, how to wear dresses, cosmetics, etc, to make them look beautiful before others.

As long as this trend exists, starting a blog on this niche will be the ridiculously profitable ones. This article will show you the list of online shopping fashion stores started as a startup in India.

It is easy though to create a fashion site but making money is a bit harder but you will get all the fun.

The success of this niche is not about writing such lengthy articles, but this is something about exploring your creativity.

Creativity in any aspect such as your personality, creating a new fashion trend in clothes and accessories, etc. will push you where you want to be.

It will take a lot of time to build a large audience base but once done mathematically, your blog will easily reach the top.

This niche is very popular among the female audience and why am saying this niche is profitable is because of tons of ways available to monetize.

6.) Lifestyle Blogs (Niche Idea no. 6):

An extremely hardest part of the niche blogging where only a few bloggers take this risk to the extreme and even achieve success.

You can’t figure out or narrow your path to coming up with the ideas to write articles because it involves everything in life.

Some of the best examples are:

  • Home decoration
  • Gardening
  • Even Organization
  • Travel

There is a big question on how to succeed in the lifestyle niche blog? Below you can see the simple explanation.

1.) Write articles to solve the problem that most of the people are searching for?

2.) Write articles on anything that is trendier during the period when blogging.

3.) Solving problems such as gardening tips, furnishing home, interior decorating ideas are the few successful blogging tips for you.

You may ask how these types of blogs that make money? The ultimate answer is by displaying advertisements as explained above or affiliate marketing.

You can write an e-book if you have the authority or loyal audience who are ready to buy the product you recommend.

Example of Lifestyle Niche Blogs

Some of the best lifestyle niche blogs to follow:

The Blonde Salad
Happy Fit Mama

7.) Inspiration/Motivational Blog (Niche Idea no. 7):

This niche is also highly related to the lifestyle blog, but here the object is targeting the human life improvement objectives.

The sole purpose of the blog is to teach various tips on personal development, inspirational/motivational videos from the legends, etc.

To be successful, you should start working for the two main reasons, hope I explained already above, and let’s see here once again.

Promise you to help out to achieve something (and)

Lay a plan to guide them or lead them to the destination.

You can make money by writing an ebook or publishing a video on self-improvement, personality development, etc.

Example of Motivational Niche Blogs

A few successful blogs in this niche:

Life Hack
Positivity Blog

8.) News and Politics Blog (Niche Idea no. 8):

The world is filled with full of the latest news and information around any common issues or any subject matter.

Many people around us wish to be stay updated with the current news and the trend, (what’s happening in the world today).

To supply this demand, already there exist certain news organizations but their many new blogs on this industry sprung up.

The best example to show this industry has potential is the involvement and focus towards the business sector by the major social network Facebook.

Like other industry, the most successful blog thus making millions of dollars every month in the News and Information Niche was:

  • Huffington Post
  • Mashable
  • Business Insider
  • Times of India

9.) DIY and Craft Blog (Niche Idea no. 9):

Many new blogs are rising with the whole new view of developing a market around the DIY and handmade crafted accessories.

All these blogs focus on the Interior design, life hacks and remodeling your home.

You may have seen a lot of YouTube videos on Lifehacks that always goes Viral, stands as the best example of accounting the profitability.

To become a blogger in this industry, you should be creative by habit.

If you are good at creating hand-made crafts, then you are eligible to start a blog in this niche.

Some examples include:

  • Addicted 2 Decorating
  • Old Town Home

10.) Entertainment Blog (Niche Idea no. 10):

In between all the things, there is always a special space available for entertainment among the people.

Lastly, the blogs purely on entertaining people have a reasonable demand and often gives you very good returns at the end.

These blogs usually get traffic by delivering various key emotions such as anger, humor, surprise, and unique and weird things.

Some of the examples in this niche are:

  • Bored Panda
  • BuzzFeed

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