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5 Best Google Adsense Alternatives:

Why would you need Google Adsense’s alternative?

So, basically blogging success entirely depends on the Google Adsense Program and if in any case, you were banned by Adsense means not the end of your blogging.

There are many other best Google Adsense Alternatives were on the market that let bloggers earn money.

However, there are cases where you need an alternative solution that can work with Adsense or as a stand-alone system. Let us find it out:

1.) When you are banned from Adsense: Newbies with a curiosity of earning more revenue every day, might fail to follow the strict rules of the Adsense Program. Once you found to violate any rule, Google will notify you in your account, failed to respond will lead your ban.

2.) You Avoid Google: Some people believe that Google is making things for their convenience and hence those people will usually avoid using Google products.

3.) Display more ads: Adsense has a limitation of up to 3 ad units per web page. You may need to show a few more ads from another network if you have a large scrolling page.

4.) Diversified Earnings: You want your earnings to be diversified, that’s not a bad approach. It is not a good business decision to keep all your eggs in one basket.

While Adsense pays well, you might want an alternative solution ready just in case something goes wrong with your Adsense Account.

Google Adsense Alternatives:

1.) Viglink:

VigLink is one of your blog’s best ways to monetize. It works very differently from other programs for blog monetization.

VigLink transforms your normal outgoing links into affiliate links, and you earn a referral commission from it if users make a purchase.

VigLink keeps 25 percent of the commission and 75 percent goes into our pockets, which is not bad considering that we make money from previously non-monetary links.

If you want to monetize your blog with Infolinks or any other in-text ad network, try VigLink. Timely payment through PayPal.

2.) BidVertiser:

To monetize your website through CPC ads, BidVertiser is just another network.

You can create and distribute your custom browser toolbar and make money from the results of your search.

It uses various ad formats such as custom banners, skyscrapers, and inline advertisements and also allows the ad template to be customized.

Last but not least, the performance of all your ad slots can also be checked in detail.

Bidvertiser pays monthly via PayPal within 30 days of each month’s end if the amount exceeds $10.

You can also choose to receive payments through a check if at the end of the month your net earnings exceed $100.

3.) Chitika:

If you have low traffic on your website, you’ll find Chitika a simple and best Google Adsense Alternatives. After creating an account with Chitika, you can start monetizing immediately.

This network uses bidding in real-time to get you the right mix of the best ads without committing to any kind of ad.

It also supports types of mobile, slider, text, and banner ads, and all these types of ads work well on any device, such as Adverse ads, thanks to its technology.

Chitika pays for your earnings made in the current month via Payoneer at the end of the following month after your earnings have exceeded $50.

Although wire transfer is also available, it is available only for users who consistently earn 10k / month.

4.) BuySellAds:

BuySellAds is hard to qualify as a direct advertising platform, but it is an excellent alternative to AdSense.

The primary qualification requirements are that you need to have a high-quality English-language site with 100k page views per month.

BuySellAds supports various types of advertisements such as background takeovers, text image, and text ads.

In addition, its ad slots are compatible with AdSense ad slots, which allows you to use both. BuySellAds pays you 75% of your ad space revenue.

It disburses payments with $20 as the lowest limit via PayPal or through the check with a $50 lower limit. You can also opt for a $500 threshold wire transfer, but it costs $35 per transfer.

5.) Ad-buff:

For some extra income, many publishers use Ad-buff side by side with Google AdSense, and it also has the potential to replace AdSense even.

It is a contextual ad network based on CPC and CPM that boosts as an “Alternative Top AdSense.”

Ad-buff only holds 10% of the network/publisher share and you can keep 90%.

As long as you do nothing illegal and have some useful web content, they should approve you. Ad-buff also confirms a 100% fill rate to make sure you get the most out of traffic on your website.

You will also have a dedicated dashboard where you can manage and view real-time stats. In addition, an Ad-buff manager will track your account manually in order to further optimize your ads.

Up to 3 ads can be added to a page, and Ad-buff works with Google AdSense seamlessly.

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