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Let’s talk about freelancing!!..

  • Difficulty: Medium
  • Investment: No
  • Income: Medium to High

Would you like to provide services to others while sitting in the comfort of your home?

If yes, freelancing would be the right choice to earn money by working from home. You should have some skills that you can sell as a service.

There are plenty of services you could offer as a freelancer such as:

  • Web Design & Development
  • Mobile App Development
  • WordPress (or any other CMS)
  • SEO
  • Content Writing
  • Marketing Automation & Email Marketing
  • Paid Ads (Adwords, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.)
  • Social Media Optimization
  • Graphic Design (Logo, Infographic, E-Book Cover, etc.)
  • Customer Service
  • Accounting
  • Data Entry
  • CRM
  • Engineering (IT, Civil, Chemical, Mechanical, etc.)
  • Legal
  • Translation, etc.

If you’ve already worked in the industry & had a great portfolio (Past work), then it is very easy to get clients.

If you don’t have any prior experience, I would suggest building your portfolio first.

E.g., If you are an Android developer, Build 4-5 best Android apps. If you are a logo designer Create 8-10 high-quality sample logos.

Where to Find Freelance Work?

There are two ways of finding freelance work.

  1. You approach potential client & ask if they need your services.
  2. Let the client come to you and beg for your services.

If you choose a second way of getting freelance work, you’ll make a lot more money as compared to the first one.

First Method – Approach potential clients:

A lot of companies, entrepreneurs, bloggers, small businesses and solopreneurs post jobs on the freelance marketplaces.

You can join those freelance marketplaces & apply for the job.

Of course, hundreds of people would apply for the same job & you have to stand out and convince the job poster (Hiring Manager), Why you are the best candidate for that job.

A hiring manager would check your profile which contains details of your experience, work history, cover letter, hourly rate, ratings, etc.

If she likes your profile, she’ll shortlist you for an interview. After the long conversation & a big question-answer session, you may get the job.

List of the freelance marketplaces:

  1. Freelancer.in
  2. UpWork
  3. PeoplePerHour
  4. Codeable (Only WordPress Experts)
  5. 99designs (Only Graphic Designers)
  6. iWriter (Only Writers)

Now, Register for any of the above freelance marketplaces & find the work.

Let’s take an example of Freelance.in:

Go to Freelance.in & register for an account.

Choose your skills. Your work feed will show the jobs related to the chosen skills. You can add up to 20 skills.

Select the main category.

select freelance skills - 1

Select the skills under that category. You can also search for specific skills using the search bar.

select sub skills

Skip the payment method & professional plan page and go to the dashboard.

Things to do after successful registration:

  1. Verify your email id
  2. Verify your mobile number
  3. Complete all the details on the profile
  4. Improve trust by verifying Facebook, LinkedIn account & by adding a payment method.
  5. Pass the skill test certifications

These things will increase the chances of being hired by a hiring manager.

Now, Select Work from the navigation bar & click on “Projects with My Skills” link. You’ll be presented with the current job offerings.

Place bids

You can read the job description & place a bid on it. As you are a free member, you can place only eight bids per month.

If you want to place more bids, buy a freelancer.in plan or try another freelance marketplace.

Please note that some freelance marketplaces have a strict screening process. If you don’t have expertise, It is somewhat difficult to get permission to use their platform.

Second Method – Let the client approach you:

How could you impress a client without saying a single word?

It is very simple.

You have to show your talent to potential clients. If you show off your skills and the excellent work you did in the past, you can impress any client.

But How could you do that?

You could do it by starting a website & publishing your work portfolio.


You can also write blog posts to show your expertise.

Whenever the potential client does visit your website, he’ll be impressed by watching your portfolio & reading your blog posts.

He’ll consider you as an expert in the field.

Also, create a “Contact” page and place that link on the navigation bar (at the top), so that the client will contact you for the services.

In countries like USA & UK, Almost all freelance workers have their website because they know how important is it to have a great website/blog.

What things should you include in your portfolio?

  1. Brief Introduction & Photo
  2. Your Speciality (Skills, Experience, etc.)
  3. Past Work Examples
  4. Education, Certifications, and Awards.
  5. Open Source Contributions
  6. The process of your work (How you execute the project?)
  7. Testimonials from Past client, Boss or Colleagues.
  8. Contact Information
  9. Social Media Accounts (LinkedIn, Dribble, etc.)
  10. Popular blogs where you’ve been featured (Forbes, CNBC, or any other popular blog)

Never forget to update your portfolio from time to time.

How to create a website?

It is very easy to create a website. You just need a domain name & hosting and you are ready to go.

Just make sure that in the designing step, you have to choose a personal theme or portfolio theme.

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